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Lesson 7c - Assembly

Lesson Objective

For most privately-owned gliders, assembly is a daily part of the glider flying ritual.  Understanding how to assemble the glider safely is critical to safety.  Logistics often prevent the candidate from assembling the club's two seaters, but the candidate should at the very least be knowledgeable in the assembly and disassembly procedures of the club's two seaters.  The task of assembly can be done on a private member's glider instead. 

Regulatory Requirement


  • The safe and correct assembly of a glider, using appropriate tools, checklists, and crew members. 

Completion Standards

The student must be able to perform:

  • Exhibits knowledge of the elements related to assembly procedures.
  • Selects a suitable assembly area and provides sufficient crew members for assembly.
  • Follows an appropriate checklist.
  • Uses proper tools.
  • Handles components properly.
  • Cleans and lubricates parts, as appropriate.
  • Accounts for all tools and parts at the completion of assembly.
  • Performs post-assembly inspection, including a positive control check.

The student must be able to explain:

  • the hazards of an incorrect hookup
  • some of the common mistakes during assembly.
  • hazards of distractions

Prerequisite Study

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