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Lesson 2l - Normal Landing

Lesson Objective

During this lesson the instructor will demonstrate a normal landing. The student will perform supervised landings, and when proficient, will be able to execute a normal landing without coaching or intervention from the instructor. To achieve the objective of this lesson, it will certainly take many flights.

For the purposes of training, the term Normal Landing in this lesson plan indicates benign atmospheric condition, and does not include crosswind, tailwind, or landing in strong headwinds.

Regulatory Requirement


  • Line up with the runway
  • Flare at the appropriate height
  • Use of speed brakes, dive brakes, flaps
  • Runway centerline alignment
  • Smooth touchdown
  • Appropriate speed on final approach
  • Appropriate speed on touchdown
  • Hazards of landing at too high of an airspeed
  • Hazards of approaching the runway at too low of an airspeed.

Video Example

Here are some examples of a reasonable pattern and landing.  The video from the Soaring Safety Foundation is comprehensive and explains what matters in a checkride.

Completion Standards

When complete, the student will:

  • be able to execute a normal landing without coaching from the instructor.
  • execute a landing in which the successful outcome is never in doubt.


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