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Lesson 2j - Straight Glide

Lesson Objective

The candidate must be able to fly the glider on a specified heading, and continually maintain that heading, at a desired airspeed of the instructor's choosing. The candidate must do so with smooth control inputs, so that the glider is in constant coordinated flight.

Regulatory Requirement


The student will learn the elements of straight flight, which includes:

  • relationship of attitude to airspeed
  • the skill of tracking toward a landmark or heading at the instructor's choosing.
  • the skill of maintaining wings level without inadvertent yawing motions
  • the ability to adjust to atmospheric disturbances.
  • maintaining a specific heading and airspeed.
  • the selection of the appropriate amount of crab to counteract any winds aloft.

Completion Standards

When complete, the student will:

  • exhibit knowledge of the elements related to straight glides, including the relationship of pitch attitude and airspeed.
  • track toward a prominent landmark at a specified airspeed.
  • demonstrate the effect of flaps, spoilers, or dive brakes, if equipped, in relation to pitch attitude and airspeed.
  • exhibit smooth, coordinated control, and planning.
  • maintain the specified heading, +/-10 degrees, and the specified airspeed, +/-10 knots
  • when tracking to a point, select the appropriate amount of crab in crosswinds

Note: The criteria for evaluation in this section are taken directly from the PTS.

Prerequisite Study


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