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Lesson 7g - Special Awareness Training

Lesson Objective

All pilots operating aircraft within 60 nautical miles of the Washington VOR/DME must have successfully completed the FAA's Special Awareness Training.  This training is only on-line, and successful completion results in a certificate.  This must be done by all pilots in Skyline Soaring Club.  This training need only be accomplished once. 

Regulatory Requirement


  • All club members who act as operators of any aircraft operated out of Front Royal (KFRR) must complete the Special Awareness Training required for pilots operating within 60 nm of the Washington VOR/DME.
  • Create an account at http://www.faasafety.gov.  Log in to your new account.  Once you have an account, the training course and test is  at this URL:
  • Sign up for the course named "DC SFRA", The course is named "ALC-405", presented by the AFS-850 National FAASTeam. 
  • Successful completion will allow the candidate to print out the certificate, and earn 1/2 credit toward that candidate's FAA WINGS program.
  • The certificate should be included in the candidate's logbook or other flight-related documents.

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