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Lesson 6c - V-Speeds

Lesson Objective

The candidate will learn the differences between Maneuvering Speed (VA), Normal Operating Speed (VNO), and Never-Exceed Speed(VNE). The candidate will identify what hazards are associated with each airspeed.  The instructor and student will fly together in dual practice, and accelerate to VA, for at least a few moments, to get a feel for the stick sensitivity at this speed.  Flight to VNE is NOT required. 

Regulatory Requirement

  • Pre-Solo: §61.87(i)(8) "Flights at various airspeeds"
  • Private Pilot: PTS - V 

Completion Standards

The student must be able to perform:

  • successful demonstration of flight to the VA and/or VNO speeds, appropriate for the conditions and the glider

The student must be able to:

  • recite the maneuvering speed for the club gliders
  • explain the differences between Maximum Structural Crusing Speed and Maneuvering Speed
  • explain the hazards with rapid, excessive control movement below VA 
  • explain the hazards associated with rapid control movement above VA
  • explain the relationship between VNE and altitude. 

Prerequisite Study

Further Study

  • Wing Flutter Videos 
    • RC Sailplane with Flutter (YouTube )
    • Boeing 747 Wind Tunnel Flutter testing ( YouTube )
    • Fluttertest From the DG Website

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