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Lesson 5b - Ridge

Lesson Objective

Most students do not get to experience ridge soaring, even at our club.  Skyline Soaring offers an excellent training ridge nearby. During the Spring and Fall months, the nearby Massanutten ridge comes alive with strong lift, safe land-out fields.  Unfortunately, this  activity also is accompanied by hazards. 

Regulatory Requirement


  • Slope Soaring Techniques
  • Hazards associated with ridge soaring
  • Techniques for entering and leaving the ridge lift.
  • Other lift sources that combine with ridge lift (thermal, wave)
  • Transitioning between ridges

Completion Standards

Practical Standards for Ridge Soaring:

Objective. To determine that the applicant:

  1. Exhibits knowledge of the elements related to ridge and slope soaring.
  2. Recognizes terrain features and wind conditions which create orographic lift.
  3. Enters the area of lift properly.
  4. Estimates height and maintains a safe distance from the terrain.
  5. Exhibits smooth, coordinated control, and planning to remain within the area of lift.
  6. Uses correct technique to re-enter the area of lift, if lift is lost.


Prerequisite Study

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