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Lesson 4k - Precision Landings and Stops

Lesson Objective

This lesson will show the student the ability to land on a specific point, and stop within a specified distance, determined by the instructor.  This is training for the event of an unplanned off-airport landing.  

Regulatory Requirement

Completion Standards

The student will complete this task when he/she exhibits  knowledge of the elements related to a simulated off-airport landing, including selection of a suitable landing area and the procedures used to accomplish an off-airport landing.  The simulated off-airport landing can be demonstrated by a landing on the grass. The precision touch-down and stops can be evaluated with markers in the grass.  We usually use four paint can lids spaced 30 paces apart, lined up on the center of the grass strip, touching down in an area adjacent to the runway numbers on the paved runway. The usual stop is somewhere adjacent to the fuel farm

Prerequisite Study

Further Study

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