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Lesson 4g - Crosswind Takeoff

Lesson Objective

The student must be able to take off with slight to moderate cross-winds.  During the takeoff roll, the pilot must exhibit control to maintain runway centerline.  After take-off, but before the towplane has left the ground, the candidate must crab into the wind to maintain runway centerline.  After the towplane is in the air, the glider should resume normal high-tow position.   During this maneuver, the candidate must maintain appropriate position at all times. 

Regulatory Requirement


  • Take-off in cross-wind conditions
  • Wing-runner positioning of the wing during take-off
  • Positioning of the glider on the runway in especially windy conditions (slightly downwind of the centerline)

Completion Standards

To determine that the applicant:

  1. Can listen to the AWOS/ASOS winds and determine the approximate crosswind component.
    1. 10 degrees is about one tenth
    2. 20 degrees is about one third
    3. 30 degrees is exactly half
    4. 45 degress is 70%
    5. 60 degrees is 85%
    6. 70-90 degrees, use full speed
  2. Exhibits knowledge of the elements related to normal and crosswind takeoff, including configurations and tow positions.
  3. Uses proper signals for takeoff.
  4. Lifts off at an appropriate airspeed.
  5. Maintains proper position until towplane lifts off.
  6. Maintains directional control and proper wind-drift correction thoughout the takeoff.
  7. Maintains proper alignment with the towplane.

Prerequisite Study

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