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Lesson 4d - Slips: Forward, Side, Turning (w/ & w/o airbrakes)

Lesson Objective

The student must learn and demonstrate slips before solo. Proper slip technique must also be demonstrated on the practical exam. The student will get the opportunity to practice slips, and must understand the difference between the different types of slips. The student will also learn when the use of a slip is appropriate, and when it is not appropriate.

Regulatory Requirement


  • Turning slips
  • Forward slips
  • Side slips
  • Difference between a slip and a skid
  • Hazards of slipping
  • Hazards of skidding
  • Why slipping is safer than skidding

Completion Standards

The student must be able to perform:

  • Turning Slips (no airbrakes)
  • Turning Slips (with airbrakes)
  • Forward Slips (no airbrakes)
  • Forward Slips (with airbrakes)
  • Side Slips (no airbrakes)
  • Side Slips (with airbrakes)

The student must be able to explain:

  • the differences between slips and skids
  • the hazards of slips (when a slip is NOT appropriate)
  • the benefits of slips
  • when it is appropriate for a turning or side slip

Prerequisite Study

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