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Lesson 3f - Forward Stall

Lesson Objective

The student will learn what causes a stall, how to perform a stall, how to recover from a stall. This lesson includes stalls with brakes open. This lesson does not include turning or cross-controlled stalls.

Regulatory Requirement


  • Stall as related to a critical angle of attack
  • stall as related to airspeed
  • stall as related to pitch
  • stalls at low G loading
  • stalls at high G loading
  • stalls at high airspeeds (verbal ok)
  • recovery from stall
  • imminent stall
  • hazards at low altitude
  • hazard of stalls in the pattern
  • use of spoilers during a stall, stall speed as related to spoiler deployment

Completion Standards

The student must be able to perform:

  • proper clearing turns before executing stall maneuvers
  • a normal, forward stall and appropriate recovery
  • a normal, forward stall with air brakes open, and appropriate recovery.

The student must be able to explain:

  • the hazards of a stall
  • relationship to airspeed and loading
  • critical angle of attack and why is has nothing to do with speed

Prerequisite Study

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Previous Lesson: 3e -- Turns to Heading
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