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Lesson 2i - Normal Aerotow

Lesson Objective

The candidate must learn the correct procedures for safe conduct of normal aerotow procedures.

Regulatory Requirement


The candidate will learn:

  • knowledge of the elements related to high-tow (slightly above the wake) positions during various phases of aerotow.
  • how to make smooth and correct control applications to maintain vertical and lateral positions during high tow.
  • how to maintain proper tow position during turns.
  • how to use rapid and appropriate responses to maintain position during turbulent flight and prevent slack rope.

Completion Standards

When complete, the student will:

  • demonstrate appropriate high-tow position during level flight
  • demonstrate appropriate high-tow position during turns
  • respond rapidly and correctly to any atmospheric disturbances
  • explain the elements related to proper aerotow positions.

Note to students: This will take several lessons to accomplish.

Prerequisite Study

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