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Lesson 2f - Aerotow Release

Lesson Objective

The instructor will teach the student the appropriate procedure for aerotow release.

Regulatory Requirement

  • Student Pilot: 14 CFR §61.87(i)(11)
  • Private Pilot Test Candidate: PTS Area of Operation IV(F)


  • Proper scanning before release.
  • Release from aerotow.
  • Confirmation that the rope has been released before starting the turn. 
  • Proper separation between the towplane and glider.

Completion Standards

When complete, the student will be able to:

  • clear the area before release.
  • especially for a pattern tow, makes sure that no other traffic will immediately conflict (without jeopardizing the stability of the aerotow).
  • release with no slack in the rope
  • release in the high-tow position
  • confirm that the rope is away before beginning the separation turn.
  • perform a level right turn after release.
  • perform the release at the appropriate altitude.

Prerequisite Study


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