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Lesson 2c - Glider Daily Inspection

Lesson Objective

The student/candidate will learn the importance of the glider daily inspection, the correct procedure and habits of a successful preflight.

Regulatory Requirement

  • Pre-Solo pilot (Student Pilot and Transition Pilots): §61.87(i)(1)
  • Private Pilot Test Candidate: PTS Area of Operation I, II(C)


  • Purpose and Procedures of Preflight
  • Use of Preflight Checklists
  • Required aircraft documents (ARROW)
  • Critical Assembly Checklist
  • Weight and Balance

Completion Standards

  • know the role of the aircraft preflight procedure
  • know how to use the POH/GFM to discern proper preflight procedures
  • use loading charts to determine weight and balance limits
  • understand the importance of proper weight and balance
  • use appropriate checklists during preflight
  • know what documents are required in the aircraft for legal flight
  • know the roles of the Airworthiness and Registration Certificates

Prerequisite Study

Recommended Study


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