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Any documents written by and for the operation of the club


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[   ]Policy_PrivacyPolicy..>7.1KSSC's Privacy Policy
[   ]SSA Chapter Introduc..> 33KSSA Introductory Membership form
[   ]Buying A Used Glider..>119KBuying a used glider
[   ]MembershipApplicatio..>131KApplication Form for SSC
[   ]DuesFeeSchedule_June..>143KDues and Fee Schedule as of June 11, 2022
[   ]SSC_By-Laws_-_13_Apr..>166KBy Laws update 2023-04-13
[   ]Emergency Response P..>198KSSC's Emergency Response Plan
[   ]DO_ChecklistMarch201..>362KSSC's DO Checklist
[   ]SSC Operations Manua..>1.5MOps Manual v.10.1, rev. June 3, 2022
[   ]SSC_Cockpit_Cards.pdf 1.9MFleet Cockpit Cards
[   ]SSC_Cockpit_Cards_20..>1.9MSkyline Soaring Club Publications
[   ]LOA_Potomac_TRACON.pdf 2.7MSSC's LOA with Traffic control