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Skyline Soaring Club Videos

Note that a broadband connection is required to download these videos. Minimum software requirements are listed at the end of this page.

General Interest / Fun / Yet Another Soaring Music Video

N.B. Due to camera focal length, zoom factor, etc., objects depicted are further away than they appear. Fly safe. All material is contributed by individuals who are solely responsible for the content.


  • Kellet's Law - Again (00:07:15, 51MB)
    • Format: Windows... wmv video.
    • Description: Strong Winds... Some where other than KFRR caused folks not to come out. This video is long, but the lesson is simple.


  • 2010 Schweizer Homecoming (00:00:00, 100sMB)
    • Format: Windows... Java, JPG, AVI video.
    • Description: Pictures of 2010 Schweizer Homecoming at Harris Hill, Elmira NY. Low quality video.


  • Sprite Trailer Prep-101 (00:01:20, 7MB)
    • Format: Windows... wmv video.
    • Description: Important steps to take BEFORE any XC or inter-airfiled flight attempts.


  • Kellet's Law - 22 May 2008 (00:02:23, 7MB)
    • Format: Windows... wmv video.
    • Description: Strong Winds in the AM... everyone leaves... Kellets Law takes over.



  • Ridge Soaring the Massanutten (December 2004) (00:06:32, 640x480)
    • Format: Flash Player, streaming video, 24fps, broadband required
    • Alternative download: [QuickTime 7.0+ SD 640x480 30fps 153MB 3Mbps 00:06:32]
    • Description: Thanks to Eric L. for the tow on this cold winter day. A revisitation of "old" lo-fi analog video footage from a ridge flight in December 2004. All maneuvers were performed by highly experienced pilots and should not be attempted without appropriate training or flight experience.


  • High View Slideshow (00:01:23, 3MB)
    • Description: Slideshow with musical background of the High View Away Day in May 2007.


  • Soaring the Massanutten Ridge (February 2006) (00:06:58, 48MB, 720x396)
    • Format: H.264. Requires QT 7.0+ (recommended) or VLC.
    • Description: Short example of ridge soaring from the cockpit of an ASK-21 glider. Features sloppy editing, a questionable background music selection, and overly compressed video. Yet another soaring music video.

Training & Safety Seminars


  • SSC Safety Seminar (February 2007) (00:55:32, 143MB, 900x525)
    • Format: H.264 video, PNG slides. Requires QT 7.0+.
    • Description: SSC Safety Seminar from February 2007 featuring a presentation by Jim Kellett on Crew Resource Management for glider pilots.


  • The latest version of either of the free video players QuickTime 7.0+ (recommended) or VLC must be installed before attempting to play the videos locally on your PC. Please download and install one of these applications:

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