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Lesson 8d - The "Bronze" Badge

Lesson Objective

In order to do cross-country flight in any club equipment, club rules dictate that the candidate must have a sign-off for that cross-country flight.  A bronze badge meets many of the requirements, and demonstrates the candidate's skills necessary from safe cross-country flight.

Regulatory Requirement

  • Pre-Solo: None
  • Private Pilot Candidate: None

Completion Standards

Cross-Country Readiness

Applicant Must:

  • Complete the ABC Training Program with the C badge awarded.
  • Log at Least 15 solo hours in gliders. This time must include 30 solo flights with at least 10 flights flown in a single-place glider if possible.
  • Log at least 2 flights, each having duration of two hours or more.
  • Perform at least 3 solo spot landings in a glider witnessed by an SSAI. The accuracy and distance parameters established should be based on glider performance data, current winds, runway surface, and density altitude. As a guideline, a maximum distance of 400 feet would be acceptable for a Schweizer 2-33 Glider.
  • Log dual time in gliders with an Instructor during which at least 2 accuracy landings are made without reference to the altimeter to simulate off-field landings.
  • Pass a closed-book written examination covering cross-country techniques and knowledge. The minimum passing score is 80%. This examination is administered only by an SSAI. 

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