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Lesson 8c - The "C" Badge

Lesson Objective

After solo, the Student/Candidate must demonstrate the ability to use lift sources to prolong a glider flight.  There are also dual-flight requirements for the "C" badge.  

Regulatory Requirement

  • Pre-Solo: None
  • Private Pilot Candidate: None

Completion Standards

Applicant has completed the following flight training:

  • Dual soaring practice, including instruction in techniques for soaring thermals, ridge soaring, and wave (simulated flight and/or ground instruction may be used when suitable conditions do not exist).
  • Has knowledge of:
    • Cross-country Procedures
    • Sailplane Assembly, Disassembly, and Retrieves
    • Hazards of Cross-country Flying
  • Demonstrates soaring ability by solo flight of at least 60 minutes duration after release from a 2,000 foot tow
    • add 1½ minutes per 100 foot of tow above 2,000 feet
  • While accompanied by an SSA Instructor, demonstrate the following:
    • Make a simulated off-field landing from the approach without reference to the altimeter
    • Perform an accuracy landing from the approach, touching down and coming to a complete stop within an area no greater than 500 feet in length.

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