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Lesson 7e - Disassembly

Lesson Objective

For most privately-owned gliders, assembly is a daily part of the glider flying ritual. By the end of the flying day, or when the glider has made an off-airport landing, the glider must be correctly disassembled and stored in its trailer correctly. 

Regulatory Requirement


  • The safe and correct disassembly of a glider, using appropriate tools, checklists, and crewmembers. 

Completion Standards

The student must be able to perform:

  • Exhibits knowledge of the elements related to after-landing and securing procedures, including local and ATC operations, ramp safety, parking hand signals, shutdown (if appropriate),
  • securing, and postflight inspection.
  • Selects a suitable parking area while considering wind and safety of nearby persons and property.
  • Taxies to parking area and performs engine shutdown, if applicable.
  • Services the glider, if applicable.
  • Secures the glider properly.
  • Performs a satisfactory postflight inspection.
  • Completes the prescribed checklist.

The student must be able to explain:

  • the hazards of an incorrect installation into the trailer

Prerequisite Study


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