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Lesson 4i - Unassisted Takeoff

Lesson Objective

Although this is not required by an of the Practical Test Standards, nor is it required by 61.87 for pre-solo knowledge, knowing how to take-off without a wing-runner can be a useful skill to have.  The candidate will learn the procedures for a safe take-off without a wing-runner, and will learn when it is safer not to take-off without a wing-runner (such as from a CG-tow-hook only glider)  

Regulatory Requirement

  • Pre-Solo: None
  • Private Candidates: None


  • Position of stick and rudder before and during takeoff
  • The hazards of unassisted take-off with a CG-hook equipped glider

Completion Standards

  • The candidate must be able to take off the glider without a wing runner 

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