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Lesson 1a - Preflight Planning/Overview

Lesson Objective

During this lesson, the student/candidate will become familiar with the preparation required before walking out to the flight line. This includes weather preparation, understanding weather services, go/no decision, required documents for the pilot.

Regulatory Requirement

Pre-Solo pilot (Student Pilot and Transition Pilots): §61.87(i)(1)
Private Pilot Test Candidate: PTS Area of Operation IA, IB


  • Collecting information required for this flight
  • Weather Information systems
  • Required Documents in possession of the pilot

See Also

Completion Standards

When complete, the student will:

  • use WX-BRIEF to obtain a weather briefing
  • be able to make a go/no-go decision based on weather briefing information
  • be able to explain the hazards associated with flight in the vicinity of thunderstorms
  • understand the different types of Aviation Weather services, as defined in AC 00-45G
  • exhibit knowledge pertaining to required documents when acting as a pilot in command (pilots license, photo ID).

Prerequisite Study

Required Homework

  • Register as a user on www.1800wxbrief.com (need email address for username)
  • Call 1-800-WX-BRIEF and get a standard VFR weather briefing for a local flight at Front Royal for the hours you plan to be flying.


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