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2000 Issues:
December 2000
  • Run this up the flagpole and see who salutes
  • Christmas Party Time
  • It Was a Party!
  • Substitute A-10 for F-16's
  • Look Out!
  • "Say it ain't so Joe!"
  • What a Fantastic Day!
  • Fantastic Day, Part II
  • To All Duty Officers
  • Student Pilots Note:
    • Gary Shepherd gone
    • Tim Lewis new email
    • Updated Bios on club website
    • Ya got Improvements?
    • Test Prep Course
    • Laptop Computer at the Field
    • Transponder update
    • Rusty Lowry bought a new glider (a 2-33)
November 2000
  • President's Prerogative
  • New Member of the Board of Directors
  • Party Time
  • Winchester B&B
  • As Ronald Reagan once said, "I'm glad you asked that."
  • Where DO all these ideas and rules promulgated by the Club come from?'
  • The 1-26 Chronicles-Bermuda High/Low
  • The Gift That Keeps On Giving
  • It takes Teamwork
  • Duty Officers Please Note
  • Duty Officers Check This Out Also
  • And for the Club at Large
  • Log This...
    • Bob Downin, Commercial Glider Pilot
    • George Hazelrigg, III B badge
    • Dick Otis Multi-engine Commercial pilot
    • Tim James Lisa Sergent return
    • Club keeps growing, we're up to 70 members.
    • Pat Kellett foot surgery a success
    • Bill Bentley all legs on Silver Badge
    • Internet search tool
    • Maryland Public TV has a glider show airing.
    • Product Saftey to the extreme
October 2000
  • President's Prerogative
  • Out of the Frying Pan
  • Another Offer We Can't Refuse
  • Nomenclature Retrofit
  • While we're being serious
  • K Note
  • Take Cover Little Green Guys-Incoming!
  • Prosperity is just around the corner
  • Weekday Procedures
  • Meet the Member
  • Lessons Learned at Caesar Creek
  • Rednecks & Limeys & Reels & Towplanes & Membership & Experten &
  • That Looks About Right To Me
  • Log This...
    • Report on duPont Regatta
    • Shane's doings on the New TowCar
    • All known articles written by club members
    • Richard Otis presented Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal
    • Beware of what you trash
    • Warren Smith, New member
    • Carlos Roberts, New member
    • Updated membership roster
    • Parachute Rigger, Jim Wine
    • Tow Car location
    • Joe Parrish married
    • Fall Wave Camp in Petersburg
    • Tim England resigns from club
    • Jim Little says Matt Little married.
    • Frank Banas First Solo
September 2000
  • 'President's Prerogative'
  • 'New Tow Fees'
  • 'Wildlife At 12 O'clock'
  • 'Epic Aquisition Update'
  • 'Take Some Bows'
  • 'Getting there is half the fun'
  • 'Vibes from that "Tottering Town"'
  • 'Crosscountry redux'
  • 'We Knew It All Along, But Didn't Want To Talk About It'
  • 'Return of a New/Old Lady'
  • Log This...
    • Schweizer comments on crashworthiness
    • Gary Shepherd leaves -- new treasurer
    • Fred Mueller volunteers to be Rostermeister
    • Shane Neitzey alternate email address
    • Mike Cordova goes inactive
    • Super Sailplane in development
    • Jim Garrison sends a URL of Bluebird.
    • Richard C. duPont Regatta
    • New TowCar
    • We are hostpitable, and people are telling us about it.
August 2000
  • President's Prerogative
  • Walking a Tightrope
  • How To Learn To Fly Gliders
  • Poetry from An Aluminum Mailing Tube
  • 1-26 Championships
  • Dear Friends,
  • Catching Zeds
  • Report from a Flying "Shave-tail"
  • The Education of a Wing Walker
  • How to Beat Traffic on the Interstates
  • Student Solo Flights
    • Membership Weenie Reports
    • Erich Carter and "B" Badge
    • Piet Barber buys half of Sprite
    • Spencer Annear -- new email address
    • Dave Brunner new mailing address
    • Flying Magazine Article about soaring
    • Cass Aviation Fly-in
    • 4th of July Recap
    • Naval Air Station Weather
    • Soaring and Peter Bacqué
    • APOA and the Renaissance pilot
July 2000
  • President's Prerogative
  • Scoop...this just in...
  • CAP Blanik-Up and Soaring
  • Ouch!
  • Tow Fu-message from a towpilot
  • Lessons to live by
  • Turn-around-time improvement
  • SSC Video Library
  • Viewpoint
  • More Rope Tricks
  • Log This...
    • Experienced Pilot Visitors adore us.
    • Dave Rolley talks about how great we are
    • Ads on overhead bins in commercial airliners
    • Vintage Cadillac for sale
    • Compressor Loaner
    • More Compressor volunteerism
    • Ernie Schweizer dies
    • McCulley finally gets email
    • Lewis Martin Soloes
    • James and Sergent new email address
    • Donating Vehicles instead of cash
    • Ralph and Robin Popp move to NJ
    • Bela Gogos and Photo
    • Tailwheels get busted, nobody fesses up
    • GIMLI Glider cited
    • Ops Report June 3
    • Rubber Band aircraft
June 2000
  • 'President's Prerogative'
  • 'The Hook Up...the beat goes on'
  • 'Meet the Member-Tom Garner'
  • 'Hotel 3'
  • '...Made a Believer Out of Me!'
  • 'PP-G Ground School'
  • 'HOMM or HOWMany fingers in 1 hour 47 minutes?'
  • 'The Bob & Joe Show-911: More Math Run Amok'
  • 'Virginia Wing CAP to provide Soaring Experience'
  • Log This...
    • Lisa Sergent & Tim James Return
    • Piet Barber new work phone
    • Chris Williams new email address
    • Dave Weaver new Member
    • Reggie Warns of bad weather
    • Spare parts for the Tent
    • New Tow Car
    • Online: New Documents
    • Tom Garner First Solo
    • Club Cookouts Thanks
    • Flight Sign-up Sheet.
May 2000
  • President's Prerogative
  • On The Horizon is an Airliner. Headed Our Way.
  • Meet the Member
    David Weaver
  • Wind and Rust: A Bad Combination
  • Role On...
  • PP-G Ground School
  • Safety Meeting
  • "Come Out with Your Hands Up!"
  • Log This...
    • New Member: Frank Banas
    • New Member: Lewis Martin
    • Daisydings
    • Dave Brunner's new Toy
    • Congrats to Fred Mueller
    • Congrats to Greg Ellis
April 2000
  • President's Prerogative
  • Membership Issues
  • View From the Pawnee's Head
  • The Lull of a False Sense of Security
  • The Color Green
  • There was Wave in Them Thar Hills...
  • "Current"
  • BFRers
  • Log This...
    • Club's Annual Spring Safety Meeting
    • Fred Mueller Scores 98% on FOI test
    • Fleet backs out of Sprite Purchase
    • An Issue with Wet Planes
    • K gets new tires and brakes
    • Twenty Calendars left in the Hangar
    • SSA Convention a Success
    • Tow Fee In the Works.
    • Flight Instructor Training
    • The RosterFührer speaks
March 2000
  • President's Prerogative
  • Some Reminders from your Chief Instructor Weenie
  • From the Tow Weenie's Perspective
  • One little thought to add:
  • From the Rosterführer
  • Coming in On a Wing and a Prayer
  • Baaaad Boys! Bad, bad boys!
  • Let us return to glory days of yesteryear with a hearty 'wingup'
  • Accolades for Bob Michael
  • ...And for you students
  • And there is more...
  • Log This
    • Jan Scott's neat website
    • A very nice thank you
    • Marty and Kit in Florida
    • Brunner compresses Glider Regs
    • Unsolicited Testimonial for sunglasses
    • Bill Vickland expands his 1-26 habit
    • Updated turnpoints in Front Royal Area
    • Dick Otis changes his email
    • Reminder of Kellett's Safety Message
    • Your First Duty Roster of the Mill...
February 2000
  • President's Prerogative
  • Excerpts from the Annual Meeting and the Board Meeting
  • Message from the New Duty Officer Weenie
  • Sharing the Dream
  • From the Official Wave Weenie
  • New Rosterführer
  • Things won't be the same down by the Ol' Mill
  • Time to Plan
  • A Place to Stay
  • Log This
    • Jim Garrison Recognized.
    • Stacy Barber Recognized.
    • Towpilots all Recognized.
    • Instructors also recognized for their efforts
    • Carters have a new email address
    • Visit Brunner's web page
    • Glider Transponder
    • BRSS web page updated
    • Bob Downin and John Lewis get a 1-26
    • Indulge the Editor
    • Special thanks to Tony Bigbee.
January 2000
  • Annual Meeting
  • Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their club
  • Meet the Member: Judah Milgram
  • Weather Briefing
  • Chute-Man-Parachute Repack and Seminar
  • Milestones
  • Who says you can't teach an old cow new tricks?
  • International Vintage Sailplane Meet
  • Subject: Want your own Towplane?
  • Once Again, I am looking for a few good persons
  • Log This
    • Cecilia Reneé Barber
    • Cecilia Ann Zugel
    • John Lewis PPL
    • Dick Feierabend soloes
    • Jack Downin C Badge
    • Mike Cordova Bronze Badge
    • Ruobing and Malcolm Married
    • Stephanie and Joe Parrish engagement
    • Dave Brunner loves his Palm V, you can quote him on that
    • Linn and Lee Buell have a cool website
    • Another 1-26 in our ranks
    • 081 owners brag of their accomplishments in the first year
    • SSA Calendars finally arrive
    • Things you won't see in Skylines 2000