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Here's what people have said about their first visits to the Club!  For more information about Temporary Memberships, contact Member Relations Officer.

"... I know from my observations that the club works hard to help its own, and there is a good team comaraderie."

"... I had a great first lesson yesterday. Everything was very well coordinated and it was more fun than I had expected."

"I had my first flight at FRR on Sunday and I had a great time. How soon can I schedule another?"

"... It shows that you guys are honest about wanting to bring in new members into the club."

"... The DO last week was ready to get me in the air. So were the guys yesterday. I liked that eagerness and helpfulness."

"... As my contract in the DC area winds down and I'm headed back to Colorado, I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks. Your soaring club has extended me every hospitality and I really appreciate it. I had a good time working line the couple of times I made it out to the field. I even got a flight in the Ka-7.... You have a good, friendly club. Please pass on to the other members that this fugitive from Colorado enjoyed the time I spent with your organization."

"... I think Skyline is really cool, and I think many of the people are nice."

"... Your duty officer treated me first class. I was very impressed with the people I met, and your club in general.", and ...

"... I came home to realize later that I got sunburned. No wonder all you soaring guys wear those funny hats!"